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CockRider Making a Comeback?

2008-01-22 01:01:09 by CockRider

I eat my own shit, but lately I've been thinking about making some new CockRider songs. It's been a long time since I made one. I didn't upload anything in 2007 because I was away visiting planet cock which took me quite a while to get to in my spaceship. I'm back home now though and I must say, the visit wasn't as good as the last time I went. Oh well. At least I got to see my good old friends, CockJuicer and CockBoner, although they have aged quite alot since the last time I saw them.


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2008-01-22 08:07:01

CockJuicer died. I'm so sorry to say. Cancaids hit 'm like a ton of shit.
CockBoner was charged a hefty case of conspiracy, he was diagnosed with cancaids 5 weeks before Cockjuicer, he stayed on Planet Cock for a week and then left to go to Earth. He came back one day later than CockJuicer and had a grim chuckle when he had discovered CockJuicers funeral in place, there were9 witnesses.

Murder perhaps?

CockRider responds:

Ahhh, fuck. Bastards. They're always getting cancaids or killing each other. It probably was murder, but once CockJuicer is back, he'll probably just shake it off... They're always in shit. On planet cock they have machines called CockRegenerators which bring people back... Just last year, I got hit by a CockBus. Thank fuck for CockRegenerators.


2008-01-22 11:28:38

Speaking of eating shit and aging....


CockRider responds:

I do like a nice dose of shit.



2008-02-29 01:52:04

Word on the street is that CockBoner just went triple gay.

CockRider responds:

HOLY SHIT! I've been waiting for years for this to happen. We all said that he'd never pull it off, but holy shit, if this is true then I owe out alot of money on bets I made!

Still, I'm happy for him. He can bone my cock anytime




2008-03-01 12:21:21

whisper something sexy into my ear

CockRider responds:

*pisses in SBBs ear*

How's that!?


2008-03-02 04:50:11

ehh.... are you sure you are 69??

you talk like an 17 years old punk..

CockRider responds:

No, I put my age as '69' as a reference to a sexual position. Something you probably don't know anything about... gangsta!



2008-06-06 03:59:35

nice solo lajbklabglhnrnwwrnj

CockRider responds:

Nice pen0r...

abiwr bawui asfioan fbiason


2009-02-02 23:11:19

CockRider, where is planet Cock?

CockRider responds:

Near Uranus...


2009-04-17 13:33:49

You should make the most brutal song ever.
Okay, here's what you do.
Tune a bass as low as possible and hit the low E string as heavy as possible!

CockRider responds:

I would have to do slap bass with my penicle erecticus.


2009-04-29 17:46:32

Lol, I eat my own shit too.

Maybe we should trade shits and eat them?

For making me laugh Gorebastard, have a quick demo: ?4kyzo4xzd2j

CockRider responds:

Sexual destruction!!!


2009-05-16 06:47:40


CockRider responds:



2010-05-01 10:54:16

Annoying music doesn't even come close to desribing your music. It's painful. Plain painful.

CockRider responds:

Thank you!